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Viking Sword

I had a number of faults in this project, but as a challenge I want to include the images. I love the middle ages Scandinavian cultures, so I wanted to create an image with more complex textures and sculpting on the models.

Recent posts

Falcons Logo

I´m a fan of the Atlanta Falcons, and so I wanted to use the coolest logo of the NFL and extrude it. I used a metallic material so the image of Matt Ryan could be reflected on the Logo.

ESP Guitar

Based on the ESP E II Eclipse, I used a number of basic Cycles shaders with and a basic setting. The idea was to understand the modeling tools and the materials module of Cycles.


A Logo Idea for my work in 3D. Some times in graphic design we see this elaborate logos with various different outlines and a thick typography, and I wanted to create something similar with 3D fonts.

CAPSULE (First attempt with BLENDER 3D and Cycles Render)

This was my first attempt with Blender 3D. A very simple shape with a basic lighting, but even a simple composition looks interesting with Cycles Render engine.