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One of the projects I wanted to do to become better at Blender 3D was an assault riffle. I spent some time choosing the one I wanted to create in Blender, in the end I went for the CZ Bren 2 it's very compact and ergonomic. I did this exercise using only procedural textures and materials.

Recent posts

New Profile Picture

I wanted to change my profile picture for a character of my own invention, it took a little longer than I expected. At first I wanted a simple thing but is just so much fun to work with Blender 3D that I spent double the time I schedule initially.
It is also lots of fun playing with simulations.

Hiking Boots

This is one of a series of projects I set my self to do in order to improve my skills as a 3D artist.
I Wanted to get out of my comfort zone and do something more common, but I wanted to do it as best as I could.
I model the shoes as accurate as I could and used several pictures as a reference. I also try to create the materials from scratch and the closest to a real object.

Catalogue Murder Scene

At first I wanted to create a regular furniture catalog scene like that of IKEA or BoConcept.  I started creating all assets for the image from books to lamps to carpets also materials for all those assets.

Then I thought, this image doesn´t tell anything, there is no story behind it. So I decided to try to give it some personality. I went for murder scene. ... I did it around Halloween so I guess that influenced the dark twist.

IT Sense Logo

An IT company needed a logo for a new business model targeted to guidance and tutoring startups and new entrepreneurs.

The idea was to represent a place where all knowledge and people can converge to create something better and greater.